Welcome Nalbarri Law College



                The library of the Nalbari Law College has been named as Kumud Nath Sarma Library. The library is well equipped with latest text books, Law reports and Law journals. The Library is looked after by experienced staff which fulfills the academic and intellectual need of the students and teachers.
Every student is expected to avail library facility for their academic and personal development.
The students can borrow books for a specified period after depositing necessary caution money. Students should maintain silence while they are in the Library reading room.
Student should carefully examine the book issued to them before leaving library counter. If any damage or mutilation in the book issued to him/her is noticed, it should be reported to the librarian before taking delivery of the same. The borrower will be responsible for loss or damage of any book borrowed from the college library.
Book must be returned within 7 days of the issues. A fine of RS 1/- per book per day will be levied if a borrowed book is kept beyond the due date of return. Books issued in the reading room should be returned at the time of leaving the reading room.
If any library card is lost by any student, he/she should report to the Librarian immediately. Tearing of pages of book will be regarded as immoral activity.

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